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Restoration of the primary school "Nuestra Señora de la Asunción”.

Proposal for the restoration of a nursery and primary school in Les Useres (Castellón, Spain).  The building originates from two premises, to solve the lack of public spaces in the borough, and to adapt to the abrupt orography of the land. For the foregoing reason, the project is planned as a large public square in the access level, that at the same time serves as a closure to the western edge of the village. From the public square, emerge a ramp that gives access to the level -1, where the nursery classrooms and their courtyards which are used as an extension of these classrooms, are located; as well as the offices for the management of the centre. From this floor and by means of the staircase located in the hall, it is possible to descend to the lower level, where the primary classrooms, the school cafeteria and the playground are placed.